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Mural Mentoring Projects

The Projects completed through our Mural Mentoring thanks to our wonderful mentees and the support of the community.

Farmer Boys Mural

Farmer Boys

Tolleson AZ

Franchise Farmer Boys needed to bring some color to their patio for customers to enjoy when they ate outside. 

The Catitude team designed and painted five walls with a focus on local history. 

Vern Lewis Office

Peoria AZ

Locally-owned welding supplier Vern Lewis wanted to celebrate their new location with a breakout mural. 

Vern Lewis Logo

Skate Park

Goodyear AZ

To revitalize the Goodyear Skate Park we designed and painted a 30-foot long and 20-feet-tall wall that can be appreciated by all residents.


Conference Room

Goodyear AZ


To bring energy to the new Goodyear conference room the mural team created a jungle scene covering one whole wall of the conference room. 

Goodyear Confrence Mural of a jungle scene
02_CatitudeArtGallery copy.jpg

Palmateer Park

Goodyear AZ

Partnering with Goodyear, new members of the mural team were trained, and completed a historical panel mural for the historic section of Goodyear. 

Traffic Cabinet

Goodyear AZ


Creating a design for a traffic cabinet in collaboration with Goodyear's Art Council. 

Goodyear 75th anniversary mural showing two men standing in a field

Goodyear 75th


Goodyear AZ

To commemorate Goodyear's quarter anniversary they teamed up with Catitude Arts to create a colorful neighborhood mural. 

Backyard Scene

PebbleCreek AZ


Revitalizing an existing and fading mural with a fresh coat of paint and new things for pool guests to see. 


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Meet The Team

Concrete Wall


Founder & Leader


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Mural Lead


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Mural Lead

I am a  graphic designer and  illustrator who is passionate about using their talent to create beautiful murals! I have been working on murals for seven years and can't wait to do more. 

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Team Member & Photographer

Write a bio for each team member. Make it short and informative to keep your visitors engaged.

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Team Member

I’m a 16-year-old mural artist planning to make it my lifetime career. I've been painting since 2019 but in 2022 I started mural painting and fell in love with it. I’ve done 8 murals, each project bigger and more important than the last. I am proud of how far I have come and am grateful to Catitude Arts. 

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